Thanks a lot for the good write up.

Regarding solar energy business, other than the tax credits that worth 30% of total investment, 5 year expedited 100% depreciation for income tax benefit, I could not find any remarks from the management team on how the business will look like once the initial heavy CapEx phase is over. Will they operate the solar farms and sell the electricity? What is the projected annual revenue and profit?

They invested $175 million on solar projects and $34 million on acquisition. How will we value this business without knowing the future cash flow?

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Once you get how our income-based labor force really works (that high profits depend on low wages), you will finally see and understand all the reasons why a global system that can match people to jobs, resources to communities, and everyday needs and demands to local production, consumption, and recycling operations is more sustainable and ethical than monetary methods practiced today, mainly because scientific-socialism, compared to scientific-capitalism, is actually more democratic; it values and views this very basic, very intuitive belief “universal protections for all” as both a human and environmental right.

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